Concrete Screws

EMC offers two different syles of Concrete screws. 

We offer the Powers Rawl brand with Twinlead configuration.  Taps threads into concrete, creating a removable and reversible mechanical linking. Made in USA. High threads cut easily and quickly in masonry materials.  Low threads provide positive stability as anchor is driven to improve pull out value. Perma-Seal Coated. Kits also available with drill bit included.

EMC brand is a High quality Import, Hex washer head. Fastens to concrete, brick and block. Twinlead high-low threads. Removable and reversible. High Pull put value. Blue weather-seal coated and USA made Tang drill bit included.

All EMC fasteners are packaged in clear plastic reusable boxes or jars.  Powers Rawl is available in cardboard boxes.


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